Bang Therapy

The weather was great today.  Sunny and in the 70’s with a nice breeze.  I decided I needed some bang therapy.

Last Sunday I was shooting my Walther PPQ with my son-in-law and grandson.  The trouble was the magazines were getting pretty consistent misfeeds.  I’d put over a thousand rounds through this pistol with those magazines without a problem.  I was baffled.

Today I decided to figure it out.  Turns out it’s the ammo.  I switched from some Freedom Munitions 9mm that had truncated cone full metal jackets to Winchester NATO that had pointed cone full metal jackets.  I wouldn’t have thought that was the problem, but that seems to be it.

left good – right bad

I shot a few magazines of the Winchester and had the same misfeeds.  I switched to some Freedom Munitions with the truncated cone and had zero misfeeds.  I loaded up all five magazines with the Freedom Munitions.  I have other guns that will eat the Winchester just fine.

Ammo makes a difference.

I have a great time shooting my Walther PPQ.  I love this gun.  It’s got a great trigger, high-capacity magazines, and very reasonable recoil.  The only problem is that Walther wants $50 for their magazines.  Not going to happen.

Thanks to Cheaper Than Dirt, I can get Century Arms TP9SA magazines for half that, and they hold more rounds. The Walther mags have 15 and 17 round capacity. The Century Arms magazines hold 18 rounds. They do stick out of the mag well a little bit, but for $25 apiece I don’t care.

Bang therapy of the pistol variety.

The only problem with 18 round magazines is you tend to shoot a lot of ammo.  Not necessarily a bad problem 🙂

I also did some shooting with my Henry.  As my eyes get older I find iron sights to be less useful.  I put a little Bushnell red dot on the rifle and it’s a breeze to use.  You can shoot pretty cheap with 22 ammo.

Bang therapy of the rifle variety.

All in all it was a good afternoon.


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