Home Repair – Busy Day

Yesterday was interesting. It was gloomy at times and sunny at times. Typical weather for the creek. I did find time to get my daily picture from the bench.

From the bench.

What made it most interesting was my drains stopped working. I had to dig up the septic tank so I could have it pumped. I had to have the tank sucked dry before I could flush or shower. That kind of threw off my schedule.

Once I got the tank emptied out (thanks B & H Pumping – #1 in the #2 business), I put the dirt back, and slapped my fancy cover in place. I can probably get by for another year now. Seems like family reunions and lots of company, fill that thing up real fast. I should probably enforce the Sheryl Crow rule.

Septic tank cover back in place.

Then the roof (tarp) on the shed started to get loose so I had to put on a new roof (tarp) before is started to rain. I displaced a poor mouse who was apparently living in the old roof (tarp) at the time.

Homeless mouse.

The new roof (tarp) isn’t camo like the old one, but it’s a nice looking roof (tarp). I embrace the Ma & Pa Kettle philosophy of home maintenance. I think I watched all of their movies when I was a kid. Pa kettle is my idol 😉

New roof on the shed.

I finally took a shower, put on clean underwear, and went to Walmart today. That should do me until next week.


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