News Media – is misleading as bad as lying?

I don’t even watch TV. No cable or satellite here. I catch some stuff on Hulu or Amazon, but not news.

The reason is the news not news anymore. It’s like reality TV disguised as news. Is anything a Kardashian does news?

In many cases what’s passed off as news is just lies. In even more cases it’s purposely misleading. Take this headline from the StarTribune for example:

Trend of drinking hydrogen peroxide can be deadly, Minnesota doctors warn
Six people have been treated at Hennepin County Medical Center for injuries.

From this headline you’d think people were chugging hydrogen peroxide on purpose and being hauled to the emergency room. Nope. It’s not until the third paragraph in the accompanying story that you discover the six people cited in the headline drank hydrogen peroxide by accident, because they thought it was water. It wasn’t because they were drinking it as part of a trend.

This is just another example of the news media purposely misleading news consumers. Given people’s minuscule attention spans these days, how many do you think read as far as the third paragraph? At least me.


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