The Bench

Here’s a picture of the bench from the creek and a picture of the creek from the bench. That’s my trailer in the background.

The bench from across the creek.
The creek from the bench.

I take a picture almost every day from the bench. It gives me a benchmark (pun intended) for what the creek is like from day to day and week to week.

August 31st it was at the lowest for this year. The next day the rains from Harvey got here and it went back up some.

Lowest from the bench.

There are times the creek is pretty high. Like back in May when we had a good storm. I had to wade through water to get to the bench for this one.

From the bench when the creek is high.

There are times when I can’t get to where the bench sits to take a picture. Like back on March 1st, before I had the bench. The bench replaced a re-purposed toilet that sat in the same spot. I painted it camo and parked on it to watch for deer and anything else that came by.

The camo toilet got broken in the March flood. The bench is much more comfortable than the toilet, so the creek kind of did me a favor. March 1st was the highest the water has gotten this year. You can just see a piece of the toilet sticking up in the middle of this picture. I had to take this picture from the back deck.

Highest from the deck.

The bench has had water up to the seat already, but it’s hung in there. I hope it hangs in there for a long time. Here’s today’s picture from the bench.

From the bench.

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