The Creek started in 2011 as a place to let my kids know what I’m doing. It’s a place to put pictures and recipes and adventures the dogs and I have. I even throw in an occasional rant. That’s still what The Creek is about. It’s somehow attracted a few more readers than just my kids.


I started in 1952 in southern Indiana. I went to Guilford Grade School and North Dearborn High School. Neither of which exist today. I then joined the Marine Corps and attended Purdue in that order. They both still exist, so the first two weren’t my fault. I’ve worked in computers since before I graduated college, and still do today. I like to read, shoot, fish, and hunt. I have three daughters, one son, and twelve grandkids.


My dogs, Lucky and Chili, started in 2005 and 2010 respectively. They’re both female, fixed, and fun to be around, most of the time. They get along fine, but Chili is a little too rambunctious for Lucky’s taste. mDSC06724 Both will cheerfully chase anything that runs from them, even the neighbor’s horses. Of course they come running back in my direction when the horses chase them. With these two girls around life is never boring.

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