Camera Dump – half of October

I’ve been letting pictures pile up. Here’s some good ones from the last couple of weeks.


A Good Monday

Mondays can be kind of blah, but this week my Monday was pretty good. The weather was clear and hot, and I got good pictures from morning to night. I captured sunrise fog, a blazing sunset, and more in between. I even got the fingernail moon.

Fall Flowers

Spring flowers are more abundant, but fall flowers are just as colorful. They may be a little ragged, and look a bit beat up, but they’re no less beautiful. If you know the names, feel free to comment.

Foggy Morning

The dogs and I went for a walk this morning before the heavy fog had burned off. It was wet but beautiful. The signs of fall are clear though. Sigh…

September 15th Camera Dump

Clearing the camera for the second half of the month. Two weeks to bow season.