Camera Dump – been too long

I’ve neglected posting pictures for a while, but I have to sort out things before I dump my camera yet again. Here’s a selection from the last month or so.


Fog and Cold

This was the first morning it was in the 30s this fall. It wasn’t too bad. It was 37° when we started out and 41° when we got back. Everything was soaking wet from the fog though. Still a beautiful morning for a walk.

Camera Dump – half of October

I’ve been letting pictures pile up. Here’s some good ones from the last couple of weeks.

A Good Monday

Mondays can be kind of blah, but this week my Monday was pretty good. The weather was clear and hot, and I got good pictures from morning to night. I captured sunrise fog, a blazing sunset, and more in between. I even got the fingernail moon.

Fall Flowers

Spring flowers are more abundant, but fall flowers are just as colorful. They may be a little ragged, and look a bit beat up, but they’re no less beautiful. If you know the names, feel free to comment.