Cutter Run

There’s a little rill that runs into Laughery Creek, just downstream of the ford at Mexico Ridge. It goes under the bridge on Harding Road and then runs along side Cutter Road. Cutter Run is dry much of the time, but if a big storm comes long it turns into a raging mass of water. The dogs and I went looking for salamanders last Wednesday. No luck with the amphibian search, but it was still a beautiful day and a good walk.


Fishing for Food

Usually I fish for fun, and it’s a lot of fun. Tonight I was fishing for food too. The goal was some nice big rock bass. I caught ten but four were too small to eat. I quit when I had six nice ones. I kept them alive in the tomato watering bucket until I could clean them. Then they went from a bowl of live fish to a bowl of fish cleaned and ready to eat. Tomorrow’s supper will be a good one.

August Sunset

Tonight was another great sunset.

Chopping Corn Etc.

It was an interesting day. The weather forecast called for rain, but I got no precipitation in my rain gauge. It did sprinkle from time to time, but nothing to count. The view from the bench was while standing today because the bench was wet.

From the bench.

They started chopping the corn for silage yesterday. The south field is clean. They’re working the north field today.

Chopping corn in the north field.
They’re working to beat the weather.

The creek is getting very low. It’s nice for wading and fording the creek, but it’s going to strand some fish soon. The raccoons love it though. It’s like their own seafood buffet.

The creek is calm but low.
The creek is low enough to walk over.

Even though it was overcast most of the day, at times the sky was beautiful. I can’t decide which I like best, white fluffy clouds or a blazing sunset. Living at the creek I can have both.

The sky is clear for a while.
Sunset painted the clouds.