It’s morel time

While I (in my role as assistant Easter bunny) was hiding eggs in the rain Sunday morning, I spotted a morel hiding back behind the barn. big morels Yesterday about dark I decided I better pick it before I forgot where it was.  Then this morning I want looking in the daylight and found three more.  I don’t know which species these are but I didn’t find any smaller than five or six inches.  They were big ones.  I put the spoon in this picture for some perspective.

While I was looking this morning I found lots of other fungi, but only those four morels:



Just google morels and you’ll get more recipes than you can shake a stick at.  In my opinion simple is best.  I lightly floured the morels, and sautéed them in olive oil and butter.  Too bad they’re only around for a few weeks.  They’re delicious.



Memorial Flood

Last year we started a memorial walk for Mom and Dad. Dad walked about four miles round trip to Bear Creek and back every day for almost 20 years. He walked rain or shine, hot or cold.  The weather cooperated last year and we walked two consecutive weekends with nothing more than a little sprinkle.

Saturday the 23rd was this year’s walk. Addison, Aiden, Lucky We were scheduled to walk at 14:00.  The sun was actually shining some in the morning.  I’ve got a picture of two of my grandkids to prove it.  But by 14:00 it was raining pretty good and it just rained harder as the afternoon continued.

‎35 people showed up for the walk and we all sat or stood under the roofs of the shelter, the carport, the barn, the porch, or the trailer waiting for the rain to stop. It never stopped.  The creek just kept rising from the time the kids stood on the bank above until the creek was probably three feet higher than in that picture.

A few people went home, high waterbut 31 of us went to the Friendship Tavern for an early supper about 16:00.  We had to detour to get there because the creek was over the road by the shooting range.  The food was good and the company was even better.  In spite of the rain, we had a good time.  It was the memorial flood this year 🙂

Around the yard

I cut the grass again today. The weather was in the 50’s and sunny. The ground had dried up enough that it wasn’t muddy and the grass wasn’t too clumpy.  The creek is still plenty high but it’s going down.  Unfortunately, there’s more rain and thunder storms predicted for the next three days so it’ll probably be going back up.  That’s another reason I had to cut the grass today.

When I got done I turned on the camera and made a trip around the yard.  This video will truly make you appreciate how bumpy my yard is.  The moles have two-story condos in the stretch along the driveway.  I keep hoping this yard will shake a few pounds off of me every time I mow.

The other thing that’s amazing to me is how our brains can smooth out all those bumps and they never consciously affect our vision.  Not so for the camera.  It recorded all the dips and mole hills I hit.  And of course Chili had to get in on the action:

April Flood II

It rained pretty hard exactly one week ago.  I got a few pictures of the high water then.  It rained 2.6 inches this morning in about six hours.  The creek peaked just when it was starting to flow over into the slough below the trailer.

creek     creek     creek

It rained so hard at one point that the yard was flooded and the fire circle was completely under water.


yard     fire circle     shelter

Along the creek bank the water was swirling around trees and bushes.  It came right up to the edge of the lower bank.  It was running into the down stream slough in a fury.

tree     bank     slough

The noise is something you have to hear.  When the creek is at a normal depth the noise of the riffles will lull you to sleep at night.  When it’s this high the roar keeps you awake.


I took the dogs on a ride down Mexico Ridge Road after they had supper.  I wish I’d gone earlier.  Both Laughery Creek and Bear Creek had been over the road in spots when the water was at its highest.  One culvert was so plugged with silt and rocks that the stream was going over the road.


To illustrate the power of a gully washer like this, there was someone’s chain link dog pen in the rill that runs down beside Fisse Hill Road.  It had been wadded up and shoved through the culvert under Mexico Ridge Road.  That is some fierce water.


It’s been an interesting day.


P.S. It rained another inch overnight so I uploaded more pictures to Picasa.