Beautiful Day

The creek was beautiful this morning, no matter how you looked at it.

From the bench.
From the ford.

2017 Calendar Runner Up Images

I have to pick one photo I took each month for the annual The Creek calendar. Here are the ones that made the cut for the calendar folder, but that I didn’t choose for the final version. Still fun pictures. Enjoy.

Photo Challenge – Twinkle

The Daily Post’s photo challenge for this week is Twinkle. When I was a kid, the lights coming on meant it was time to come inside. Whether you were fishing, hunting, or just playing outside, that was the universal signal for kids to get home. Even now, when my chronological age has gotten quite large, the security light turning on is still a signal to come back from whatever I’m doing. And it’s usually still fishing, hunting, or playing outside.

Sometimes that security light can twinkle. Especially if there’s enough snow to bounce the beams around. Regardless, the warm glow always says welcome home.

time to come home