Photo Challenge – Express Yourself

The Daily Post’s photo challenge for this week is Express Yourself. My favorite things to take pictures of are always outside.

I like to photograph big landscapes that capture the glory of nature. Tonight the sunset was fleeting but gorgeous. I was out walking along the creek with the dogs, and caught the sunset at just the right time. You can’t beat my back yard for good views.


I also like to snap small details that reveal the intimacy of nature. You never know what’s living in the spice bush by my front porch, until the leaves fall off. With the warm weather this week, the buds are starting to color up. I hope they don’t wake too fast and get crushed by a hard frost. Regardless, the birds will be back next spring.


I express myself best through photos that reflect my love of nature. Now if I could just get the eagles, who’ve been hanging around this week, to pose for a picture. And you think sunsets are fleeting!

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